Following Nostalgia

As many of you already know, I have been taking tango classes with Chelsea Eng at City College for a while now.

The follower technique class has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know it would be so much fun and that I would enjoy it so much. I am not too surprised, though. I am having similar feelings to those I felt when I took Beginner Tango last semester. I am very excited to have found such a beautiful way of connecting not only with my body, but with my roots as well. It’s not that I never danced or liked tango before, but the actual circumstances of my life now (living in a foreign country away from home) give it an aspect that otherwise would be different.

 This particular class has connected me with different parts of my body, and taught me to put my attention to each movement to understand and feel my body in new ways. I am learning how to listen to my body and let it move with controlled freedom. It is not easy. If I don’t control a little bit of that freedom, my feet go bananas. And everybody knows that “bananero” feet don’t look pretty at all.


I am also enjoying the bar exercises, so much fun that I find myself at work practicing the boleos and ochos. I have four counter height tables line-up at work, so is very easy to do the exercises while waiting for the machines to scan. It helps that nobody is in the room, too. Speaking of boleos, they are one of my favorites movements. One of the things I would like to accomplish with the dance is to develop a very nice and natural looking boleo. It will take me lots and lots of time and work, I know.


The tango classes has woken up feelings in me and cultural memories that would be sleeping inside me otherwise. Tango is my medicine when I feel homesick, when I miss my culture. It reminds me of what I am and where I come from. It is my therapy away from home, both mental and physical. 

Music, dance, nostalgia, pride, fun, body knowledge, workout … all combine in my tango class. What else can I ask for?






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4 Responses to “Following Nostalgia”

  1. Luis Jahn Says:

    Vanina! que grande las clases de tango!!!, ahora tenemos otra pasion en comun! , no el tango ni Argentina, ni Leon sino la letra “T” Tango……Tennis !!!. Un besote, Luis.

    Leon esta grabando “Por partida triple” !! pronto sale asi que hay que estar atentos!!, besitos.

  2. Margarita Says:

    Hi Vani!
    love your beautiful inspirations on Tango!!! ya me dieron ganas de bailar asi como lo hace Shakira y tu!!!
    Felicidades, por q siempre sigues avanzando y brindando tu amistad a todos.
    Sigue adelante!

  3. Luis Jahn Says:

    Vani, que grande verte en Chicago!!, la pasamos super!, te mando un besote grande y saludos a Michael!, chaucha!

  4. Roque Says:

    Hola !!!
    Que lindo leer esto Vani; aunque no nos conocemos, se a qué te referís respecto a las sensasiones que produce el bailar tango.
    Está bueno esto de saber que a miles de km hay una magia que es la misma.
    Que sigas bailando, y avisale a Margarita (con todo respeto) que lo de Shakira es otra cosa.
    Suerte y beso.

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