Babasonicos in SF

Last Tuesday the great, Grammy Award winning band from Argentina, Babasonicos, played at the Elbo Room. The place is very small and it was a private and intimate show. The crowd was predominantly Latin. They had two local openers, Mucho Axe and May Fire. Mucho Axe is a latin jazz band that unfortunately we missed last night, but we saw them before at the Beach Chalet. We met the founders in San Rafael some time ago, and they are from Argentina too. The other band was pretty rocking, formed by a Chilean front vocal girl and Colombian drummer, and we liked them a lot. 


Babasonicos came to the tiny stage at about 11:30 pm. They opened with Rabioso, from their latest album Mucho followed by Pendejo – strong songs that set the energy for both the band and the crowd that continued to the end of the concert, about an hour later.


Nobody can deny lead singer Adrian Dargelos’ charisma and sex appeal on stage, even though he is not the most handsome guy. He has a unique dancing style and he used the stage to interact with the first row of people, letting them touch him and flirting with the excited ladies. The band had lots of energy even in the slower songs. The other member that had impressive moves was Diego Rodriguez, the first guitarist. He sang Microdancing, my favorite song from Mucho, and showed some fun moves. You could say their movements are quirky, but it is all about feeling the music and having fun. And you could see that the band was totally having fun during all the songs. Although they didn’t talk much with the crowd, the connection between the band and the crowd was there. Nobody cared about their lack of talking because they delivered song after song of a solid performance.  


The place sold out, and we have to praise the organizers for not packing too many people into the small room. Babasonico’s rhythms go from country to rock, from electronica to pop. Since they surfaced in the 90’s from the independent underground, their mix of styles made their own style unique. Their lyrics are interesting as well, playing with contrast and jumping from heartbreaking subjects to the flirt of Argentine slang metaphors. This concert is one of the top 5 shows of this year. They didn’t top The Raconteurs, but they are right there.


 You can check the band’s site by clicking here.


 YouTube has some good footage, and some not so good. This is one of my favorites


Set list of songs

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