Needle Felting

The last time we cut Juancho’s hair, instead of putting it on the compost bin as usual, I kept it thinking I would find another good use for it. Imagine my excitement when my friend Cour called me to tell me that she took a needle felting class and wanted to show me the amazing sheep she did! And then she said she would show me how to do it. Perfect!

So we hung out one afternoon at her house with Erin and Sarah and made things, something shaped like, well, something. I did a model of Juancho out of his hair, and Cour did the same with Rudy, her doggy. She also made a squirrel to accompany him, as it turned out that Rudy is pretty obsessed with squirrels.

These are some of our creations. (click to enlarge)

I checked the web for more instruction and inspiration. I found a LOT of resources, but these are my favorites. 

Kits and felting supplies at Living Felt (click to go to the site)

 Felting Archives of Craftzine blog:

NifNaks Awesome creations. My color dreads are from here.

Portland, Oregon-based artist and felt freak LeBrie Rich’s

 I hope you enjoy the links and get inspiration for your own creations!

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One Response to “Needle Felting”

  1. barbe Says:

    I will have to give you some fiber to play with!!! Baby Bob is super cute!

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