Milonga Hip – Fashion Style for the hip tangueros

Here are some images from a fashion photo-shoot I styled a couple of weeks ago. My inspiration was tango, and I wanted to be avant-garde and hip.

We went to the Sunday Milonga at Cafe Cocomo here in San Francisco. My friends and dancers Melissa and Milan were the models and Tom Noshitsky was the photographer.

I pulled clothes from my and Melissa’s closets, from H&M, Bebe and Forever 21. The jewelry is from my good friend  Barbe Saint John Saints and Sinners, and the hair accesories and pins are from Mother Plucker, that my friend Cata of the store Life San Francisco let me borrow. I also went to Multikulti, and bought red sateen gloves and bicolor fishnet.

I am really happy and proud of how it came out!

2 Responses to “Milonga Hip – Fashion Style for the hip tangueros”

  1. andrea Says:

    they all look so lovely! and that amazing halter dress in blue, orange, purple, pink and gold…i want it…and i want to look like her IN it! can you work that out? 🙂

  2. v12m Says:

    LOL that dress is mine, but i do not look like her… haha

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