Vegan Boots

A good pair of boots should always be in your closet – especially to use in winter and autumn. They are the ideal type of shoe for those cold and gray days.

For people who choose a vegan life style, i.e. those who avoid using and consuming animal products, I surfed the internet looking for boot options. Here are my faves:

Vegan Chic offers these green flat corduroy boots, with foldover vamp with Velcro and details of 3 buttons across the vamp, ideal for the weekend or a casual look. The price, $58.99, is very accessible.

Also from Vegan Chic, I liked these patent-pleather boots with a 3” heel and bright buckles on the ankle and at the top of the shaft, that would look spectacular with a mini or skinny jeans. $ 56.95

Moo Shoes has this biker style boot from the brand Novacas (“No Cows” in Spanish, I loved that!) with a 1.25” heel and elastic on the shaft for $169.95.  Perfect for a punk look with skinny jeans and a pleather or PVC biker jacket. Or with a flowy knee length dress to play with contrast.

For rainy days, very common in this season in SF, these rain boots from Earth Elite Vegan at (my favorite), will set you apart from the rest with five different and bright colors: black, cherry, hunter green, yellow or plum. $99

And last, but not least, from one of my favorite shoe companies, TOMS offers this super hip and comfortable alternative, the Wrap Boot, made of canvas and elastic wrap extending from the ankle. TOMS gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair they sold. $98

Which are your favorite vegan shoes?

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