2010 Grammys Fashion

The fashion of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards left me somehow disappointed, with a few exceptions. Lady Gaga and Rihanna provoked in me a kind of spell that seems to be endless. I’m always waiting for them to see what will surprise me. Always controversial, Lady Gaga will never wear what many consider “normal”, both on and off stage. Many were surprised to learn that Armani Privé was the designer of her dresses, but this just reinforces my expectations for the future. Her attire is always futuristic, avant-garde and truly unique, although I feel sorry for the person who was seated behind her when she changed to her second dress.

Rihanna is another celebrity that I am always watching. I think the Elie Saab’s gown she wore was very ethereal and sexy, not just the color but the play of textures in the torso (feathers and embroidery) and the clever draping, which showed her spectacular legs. And the hair. Oh my, do I love her hairstyle.

I admit that I liked JLo. She and I do not agree often, indeed almost never, but the dress she wore was cool and very original. The asymmetric skirt and the union of the two fabrics at the center styled her a lot. Of course nothing can beat the memories of the green dress she wore ten years ago.

Pink surprised many with a metal to black gradient dress full of petals that was super elegant and chic, in contrast with the barely there outfit she wore for her performance that left more than one person with their mouth open.

Obviously, the ever-popular nude dresses had to be there. I confess: I am not a fan of nude dresses. Among my reasons is the fact that, even though they try and try, not everyone can pull it off successfully, unless you are Penélope Cruz or Angelina Jolie. The color has to be the correct one that complements your skin tone perfectly to not create the washed-out effect that makes you look pale, tired and gives the feeling that you are disappearing all together. I recommend most of my clients to avoid it. But if you want to wear it anyway, you have to go with strong makeup (like the super red lips Angelina) or accessories in saturated colors (like the necklace and hair piece I used for contrast in a photo shoot). An example of a wash-out was Heidi Klum, and at the other end was Katy Perry with her brown dress with gold sequins applications that did not look nice at all.

Adam Lambert looked great, always true to his glam-rock style with a modern and elegant look. Ricki Martin looked good as well. Usher, on the other hand, failed. His jacket and pants looked very wrinkled, athough the combination of the shirt and tie in different geometric motifs was fun. And what’s with the shoes? For a man who boasts himself of owning more than ten thousand (yes, 10,000) pairs of shoes, his choice seemed dirty or worn-out on the tip of the shoe, not at all adequate.

And finally, the “What the Fog!?” section: Natalia Laforcaude and Jessica Hudson thought they were going to the office. Beyonce and her always-the-same-silhouette siren dress overwhelmed the eye with too many details. And Imogen Heap with accessories (yet original, of course) that did not relate with each other or with the dress she wore. The neck piece reminded me of my dog’s cone of shame.

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