Altered Mind

Inspired by the blog New Dress a Day, in which Marisa creates a new garment from clothes she finds at flea markets or thrift stores for only $ 1, I decided to alter a dress that I bought many years ago at the Village Discount Outlet when I lived in Chicago. I never wore it in public because I look like a monster on it.  Still, I never had the courage to donate it, because I swore I would make something out of it some day.

the monster! ugh...

And that day came! Yesterday, inspired by all of Marisa’s entries in her blog, I grabbed my scissors and started to cut and create something new.

of course, Bob always "helping"

I found a shirt that was relegated to the bottom of the drawer for being too short on me and cut it below the bust. I also cut the dress below the waist, and with the help of the serger, I joined the two pieces together.


new life!

Thanks Marisa! And please do not forget to check her blog.

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5 Responses to “Altered Mind”

  1. drea Says:

    wow, first of all, what a great, cheap way to revamp your wardrobe! secondly, you did an amazing job on that night-of-the-living-tableclothes monster!! i have to laugh every time i look at that first picture, not only because of your facial expression “you got somethin’ to say about my dress? huh?”, but as young and hip are you are, you look like someone’s nana! it’s so funny to me! and i see why i you didn’t want to get rid of it after all this time – those flowers are so happy looking and have so much potential. it looks beautiful on you and your new dress looks super comfy, too! thank you for the inspiration and congrats on your new digs!

    • v12m Says:

      yeah, the dress on me was horrible… LOL i am glad you liked it! i do need more clothes as my torso expands 😉 so i will try to transform as much clothes as possible! xoxo

  2. aya Says:


  3. Altered Mind 2 « Says:

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