Emmy’s 2010 Fashion

This year the Emmy’s fashion was all about strapless gowns and ruffles.

I was very happy to see so much color (especially purple) along with original details and accessories.

One of my favorites was Christina Hendricks… I have to admit I have a crush on her. She is so HOT!  Too bad a lot of designers will not loan her a dress because she is not a size 2. Shame on them!


Another one of my favorites was Kira Sedgwick (she won! YAY!). The color of her dress and her wavy hair were perfect on her. She was beautiful, although I think the purse should have been in a different color to contrast less with her dress.


And yes, Claire Dane, Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian were gorgeous too, but everybody is talking about them so I will not.

Sofia Vergara was stunning too, but I am not sure about the vertical line dividing her in half…

Split personality

Some of the accessories and details of the dresses were nice too.

Cut out side detail and beautiful back

Bosworth and Blunt rings

Anna Paquin’s  Alexander McQueen dress was pretty cool too, but I didn’t agree with the shoes she chose… too heavy for me, especially when the dress already gave that sensation.

Wrong shoes

The most original and modern dress of the night was the one January Jones wore… the color, the asymmetrical hem and the details on the torso were fabulous!!!

Want. It.

More originals.

Tina Fey and Toni Collete

Rutina Wesley and Kaycee Stroh

The WTF?! section:  I am speechless about this one…

Rita Wilson... WTF?!

Unfortunately, there were more… like Ty Burrel and his wife who thought they were going to a school year themed reunion…

Prom night, anyone?

Carrie Preston and Lily Tomlin… boring colors and bad, bad styling.


Lauren Graham and Lauren Sanchez. The cut out detail of Sanchez’s dress in addition with her too-much-botox lips remind me of a bad XXX sex movie.

Really? I mean, really?

Really? I mean, really?

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5 Responses to “Emmy’s 2010 Fashion”

  1. itsstrangelyme Says:

    Almost every blog that has posted about the Emmys, has posted that blue dress. I keep seeing it everywhere and it makes me want it even more! Aaahh

  2. Mitra Says:

    Nice blog

  3. wencybag Says:

    Oh glamorous dress, i love it. How much the minimum cost of one,like the Sofia Vergara? The only thing we forgot, if we put a hand bag on it, it is more fashionable isn’t it? Well, i’m a fan of Eco-friendly stuffs, i will definitely gives this a try. Do you have a handbag made in recycled rice sacks? Excellent blog! Go Eco-fashion…

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