VMA’s Fashion

It is hard to talk about fashion when the red carpet is inundated with artists eager to express themselves on it. The VMAs are diferent than the Oscars or the Emmys.

The people that walk this red carpet are people that exude creativity, not only when they are onstage or filming a video, but also in their daily life. And what better example of this than Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Will.I.Am. To criticize the fashion on this red carpet is like criticizing art, it is something so personal that goes beyond all the rules of etiquette. It is necessary to look at these dresses in a much more objective and relaxed way, putting aside your own personal tastes or prejudices.

At any rate (and with the above disclaimer) and because this blog is about fashion and styling, I cannot resist sharing my opinion as a fashion stylist.

If you have read my blog before, you know I adore Lady Gaga, but last night I went from loving to hating her for a couple of hours, and back to loving her again. As a compassionate vegetarian and animal rights defender, the raw meat dress she wore was ridiculous and very outrageous. I would like to know what kind of statement is behind that dress, what is she really trying to express with it, because I do not understand it… very controversial, like always, but I think this time she crossed the line just to be in a couple more magazines. Still, the Alexander McQueen that she wore in the red carpet was spectacular… That really is wearable art! And who else than Gaga to wear it in all its splendor.

Another dress I liked was the one that Katie Perry wore. The tattoo-like detail of the torso is pretty cool and original. I didn’t like her shoes or the manicure with her boyfriend’s face on it, but hey! Girls just want to have fun!

Others who looked very beautiful were Rosario Dawson – very simple and fresh; Selena Gomez with a metallic dress with stone detail at the bust; and Naturi Naughton with a youthful and unpretentious look.

And that is all. At least the ones I liked.

The ones I didn’t like were a lot. A LOT. Let’s start with Kei$ha – that dress is from the Runway Project episode where the designers needed to create a dress from a Party Supply store. And her hair extensions reminded me the ones that the Na’vis from Avatar had…

Ashley Greene seemed to sport a restaurant tablecloth rolled and knotted at the waist.

Bonnie McKee and her super-mini dress, more like a swimsuit from the 50’s than a dress. I wonder if she was able to sit the entire night without flashing everybody.

Gabi Gregg was so excited about the new American Football season by looking like she was ready to join a team with her huge shoulder pads.

Holy cow Batman! What was Robyn wearing? I’m not sure, but she would have to join Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj to form the dynamic trio!

What about you? Did you like this red carpet?

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4 Responses to “VMA’s Fashion”

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  2. Cheryl Says:

    I must say…I absolutely LOVE your style of criticism! I am particularly impressed by your comments when you don’t like something. You manage to be honest without being cruel or mean. There’s a complex mixture of objectivity and tolerance (and a lot of style!) in your comments that I appreciate a great deal. Thanks!

  3. Christian Louboutin New Campaign: Art + Fashion « Says:

    […] the history of art as well. And, furthermore, that art and fashion often go hand by hand (remember Alexander McQueen’s dress at the VMA’s […]

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