Spring 2011 Trends: Blooming All Year Round

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Floral prints are one of the trends this Spring Season. You will see them in different colors and sizes, and in shirts, dresses and skirts.

Floral prints are often associated with a romantic fashion personality. Even if you are not the romantic type, you can still incorporate this trend into your wardrobe by choosing the perfect accessories to create outfits that reflect your personality. They can be flirty, yes, but they can also be dramatic and edgy.

I chose this multi-flower print dress from Dorothy Perkins to show you how simple is to transform this item and get your spring on. And your summer and autumn too. Okay, your winter too.

Multi-flower print dress - Dorothy Perkins

The various colors in this dress makes it very easy and fun to coordinate; you can create a bold and dramatic statement choosing the red, for example, or a more coquette and glamorous look choosing other ones.

Glamorous Spring

Flirty Summer

Intensive Fall

Winter Blues

How would you use this dress?

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