Spring 2011 Trends: Maxi Skirts

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Maxi skirts are in style this season. These skirts, long to the ankles, have a bohemian and casual look, but depending on the accessories you choose, you can change the vibe.

They are also a good addition to your closet, because if next season they are no longer in style or you’re tired of them, you can shorten and transform them. And they are ideal for those days when you have no time to shave your legs! (And yes, sometimes it happens, why deny it)

A good option is this tribal print four-tiered skirt from Piperlime.

Blu Moon Almost Famous ~ $158

Paired with a simple tank top, sandals and wooden accessories, this outfit is ideal for a relaxing weekend.

Maxi Weekend

Another good option is this one with an animal print (IN this season too) from House of Fraser.

CC Animal Print ~ £80.00

For a more “serious” look, match it with a classic top in a muted or earth color, wedge sandals and accessories with gold accents. This outfit is appropriate for the office.

Maxi Office

Lastly, for a super fun and colorful look, choose something like this skirt from Van Mildert.

Lamie Panacotta ~ £52.00

Put it together with a vibrant top (choose one of the colors of the skirt) and playful accessories (like the belt or the fedora) to create a fresh and unexpected outfit.

Maxi Fun

How would you use this trend?

All sets created in Polyvore
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