Swimwear for your body type

The secret to looking good in a bathing suit is more on wearing the right one than losing all those extra pounds (though of course it helps to be fit). You can take advantage of your strengths and hide what you do not like about your body.

Small Bust: If Mother Nature did not endow you with voluptuous breasts, you can create the illusion of larger chest by choosing tops with ruffles or a demi-cup in vibrant colors (like red or orange). Wide horizontal stripes and triangle tops are another good option to achieve the same result.

Big Bust: If, however, you have large breasts and want to diminish them a bit, choose tops with good support, either wired (your best friend) or with a wide band under the bust. One piece swimwear with a V neck also enlongates your torso and the size of the “girls.”Big Butt: If you want to  simulate a smaller derriere, opt for boy shorts or hot pants. A one piece with a pronounced cleavage is ideal too, since it will draw the attention to the top and balance your figure. If you choose a mismatch bikini, do not wear larger prints or brighter colors on the bottom.

Belly: If what you have is a bit of a belly or you just gave birth (like me), I recommend one pieces or tankinis. An empire cut o a belted swimwear will hide your love handles. You can also opt for color block and  rouches on the middle.

My last advice for you: Do not stress too much about your body and instead, enjoy the summer!

All sets created in Polyvore

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