Emmy Awards Trend: Yellow

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Yellow was everywhere at the Emmy Awards on Sunday. Wasn’t it cool? Yellow is very difficult to wear, I know, but seeing it in the red carpet was totally unexpected and very refreshing.

I particularly loved Julianne Moore’s dress. Everybody is hating it, but I think it is awesome.


Not a fan of Claire Danes’ choice here. It is just too boring, too safe, too blah for me. There is plenty of red carpet worthy maternity dresses out there, so no excuses…


More yellow…


Yellow everywhere!


If you want to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe, you can choose one pair of tinted jeans…

Or a cool biker jacket…

But you can also just have an accessory in that color. Why not painting your nails?Do you have any yellow in your wardrobe? I have one shirt, only one!

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