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Christian Louboutin New Campaign: Art + Fashion

June 28, 2011

The new Christian Louboutin Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 campaign combines art and fashion in a very creative way. The great designer, along with photographer Petter Lipman, has accurately recreated the wonderful works of the Old Masters.

The Artist's Mother - Mcneill Whistler (1871)

Magdalena and Candle – De la Tour (1640)
Portrait of a Negress [sic]. – Benoist (1800)
Portrait of a Young Girl – Corot
La Marquesa de Antin – Nattier (1764)

This campaign demonstrates that contemporary and avant-garde designers are inspired not only by the history of fashion but also by the history of art as well. And, furthermore, that art and fashion often go hand by hand (remember Alexander McQueen’s dress at the VMA’s 2010?)

What do you think about this campaign?

vía ohlalá

Thrifting and a little shopping in Chicago!

March 30, 2010

I was in Chicago recently for the wedding of two of my best friends. I had wanted to visit my old home city for a while so I was really excited to learn about the last minute wedding. I love Chicago and all my friends that live there. And I really, really love the thrift stores too. I didn’t have enough time to go to all of them, since my trip was super short, but I did squeeze some time to go to my favorite ones.

My favorite of all times is the Village Discount Outlet, where I found amazing clothes in the past for less than $2. Yes! Two dollars! Most of their clothes are in the $.70 cents through $13 range for the better/new/designer pieces. And everyday they have 50% discount sales for specific color tags. I was very lucky because that weekend they were having a super sale of half price trough the entire store! So everything was discounted. Thank you St Patrick!

They have several stores around the city, so the first day I stopped at the biggest one in town, on Kedzie Ave. To my friends and Michael disbelief, I left that store with my hands empty. And VERY disappointed. But, I didn’t let this frustrating shopping experience deter me. The next day I went to the Lawrence location.

I left the store very happy, with a *new* Proenza Schouler for Target dress originally for $12.80, that I paid only $6.40 for, and a wonderful fully lined, almost new condition, and very colorful dress that was $8.80, for only $4.40! Plus two books, Angels and Demons, and Clip Art with two Cds, for $.25 each.

That same day I also went to Belmont Street. That neighborhood reminds me a little of  Haight Street here in SF, with super cool shops and interesting people.

My first stop was at the newly renovated Belmont Army. OMG! It is a huge renovated store with four floors of everything, from army surplus (2nd floor) to unique and not-your-grandma shoes (3rd floor) to vintage (4th floor).

I didn’t have enough time to dig into everything but I bought these cool knee high socks from Sock it to me for $7 at the 4th floor. The girl working there was super nice too.

A couple of doors down the street I entered Beyond The Wall. I was looking for birthday gifts for my good friends Mariano (the groom) and Cour, and something for my husband Michael. They have very cool and funny things. I bought a Kabuki Bottle opener, Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray and two Bottle Bunny Wall Mount bottle openers (the cutest thing ever).

My last stop was at Something Old, Something New. I literally run through the store looking at everything very quickly because Cecilia was about to pick me up. I didn’t buy anything (again, no time) but the shoes were pretty cool.

I had a wonderful time in the Windy City, even the weather cooperated! Can’t wait to visit again.

What are some of your favorite thrift and gift stores in your town?

Alexander McQueen has died

February 12, 2010

The fashion world has lost one of its most talented designers, Lee McQueen, better known as Alexander McQueen.

His designs transformed the runways with his endless imagination and opened our eyes to another world a magical world full of creativity, innovation and originality.

He was a brilliant, controversial, unique genius. Rest in peace, Lee McQueen.

Halloween in San Francisco

November 4, 2009

Here are some pictures from Halloween in SF. I was really happy my mom and aunt, who were visiting us from Argentina, got to see such a celebration. Their  jaws were open the whole night!


Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF
Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Halloween in SF

Pretty cool, uh? If you want to see more coolness, see my Día de los Muertos pictures visiting my blog in spanish,  Mucho más Hip que Hippie.

CULTURE COUTURE – Colección Etnia by Benito Fernandez

October 19, 2009

Benito Fernandez is a famous and talented designer from Argentina who focuses on mixing textures and fabrics, keeping a fresh new look for each collection. He presented his collection Etnia, inspired by his trips for Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Salta, at Bryant Park on September 17th,, 2009. Mixing saturated colors and different fabrics, he created a stunning collection, expressed in the garments and also in the bold accessories. It was one of the most original collections. He definitely communicated the cultures of the Andes’ indigenous peoples from whom he took his inspiration.

Argentinean Designer Benito Fernandez

Colors: Lots and lots of colors. Very bright hues like oranges, blues, yellows and greens in saturated tones, with audacious combinations to make a bold statement. Colors are the protagonist of this collection, along with the accessories. The dramatic combination of color transmits power, fun energy, and uniqueness.

Etnia Spring Collection 2010

Accessories: The other big statement of this collection is made with the accessories. There are from a mixture of cultures. From the traditional dolls and tassels of Peru and Bolivia, to the imagery of Mexico and Frida Kahlo, to the looms of Salta, everything is reminiscent of the wonderful cultures of these countries– everything is “Etnia”. These are some of my favorite things from the whole collection.

Etnia Spring Collection 2010

Etnia Spring Collection 2010

Textures: The garments are coordinates in a combination of different fabrics, from gauze to silk to brocades to fabrics woven in traditional looms, to create texture. These textures give the pieces a unique look, very different if you see them from close or far. Embroidery is present too, using beads and stones in contrasting colors to the fabrics they are sewn on. I love the distinctive use and combination of textures that the collection showed, because it gave me the urge to zoom in and see all the intricate details that formed them. I wanted to touch them!

Etnia Collection Spring 2010

Etnia Spring Collection 2010

Silhouettes: The silhouettes are very feminine and suggestive, a characteristic of this designer. The fabrics fall on the body beautifully, flowing with every movement. There are lots of layers that add fullness to the entire outfit, as well tiers of fabric and different cuts in the neckline.

Etnia Spring Collection 2010

Prints: The prints are bold and full of colors, mostly in abstract and geometric forms. Some reminds me of a canvas painted with watercolors, fusing different colors to create new ones. They are definitely unique.

Etnia Spring Collection 2010

I always liked this designer, but the moment I saw this collection I fell in love with it. I love the color and textures, the bold accessories contrasting with the softness and lightness of the different fabrics and layers. I think you can clearly see what inspired him to create this fun and unique collection. Each garment is like a ticket to these countries he was inspired by. This collection has CULTURE COUTURE written it all over it.

My inspiration – Benito Fernandez

When I was putting together this outfit I wanted to represent color and different prints. The skirt has a batik print with saturated colors in abstract and geometric forms. It also has details of embroidery that add texture to it. The gauze top also has some embroidery on it. The colors of the both garments are very different, so I use a piece of fabric as a waist wrap in a common tone to create a better transition between them. Both fabrics are light and have a nice drape. The bright aqua color headband picks up the color of the top, and has satin flowers on one side that is reminiscent of Frida Khalo. It can also be use as a choker for another look. Lastly, I added two pom poms to each shoe. They are actually for the hair, so they can be used in a ponytail if desired. This adds more fun to the outfit and represents the Andes culture.

Benito Fernandez inspired outfit

Etnia Collection inspired outfit

Etnia Collection inspired outfit

I did it!

February 8, 2009

Uff! January 2009 is already gone. After the frenzy of the holidays, the happiness of watching inauguration day and the beautiful weather in SF, I am ready to blog again.

I don’t have too many resolutions for this year, I don’t usually do. But this year I want to document all the stuff I am creating. I am going to make a visual book of my crafts, sewings, designs, knitting, and so on. It’s going to be call I DID IT!, (as suggested by the Craftstylish notebook).


I did a lot since the year started, though. I started my new surface design class, and returned to dancing Afro-Haitian, Tango and Bellydance. I also started a new Yoga class… and I’ve been crafting too.!


My friend Andrea works for “Lesser Evil”, an all natural popcorn company in NYC (link). I helped her make bags out of their packaging so she can give them to customers and corporations in trade shows. They turned out to take a lot more time than we expected, but they turned out pretty cool. She was super happy, and me too! J She gave me a bottle of nice wine and a big box of COAL popcorn (chocolate covered) that is so good that I already ate half of it.



I also did a wall piece for my design class with the different fabrics that we dyed in class. The assignment was to make a piece inspired by nature and the environment, so I did a yin yang piece with a background that shows the colors of the sky to the ground and the lava underneath.

front wall piece

back wall piece

I also finally finished what I began two years ago in 2007 over the holidays. It never felt so cold in sf that I would be able to use it, that is why it was on the closet waiting to be assembled, but December was pretty cold. Everybody liked it, and nobody noticed that there are more bubbles on the right sleeve than on the left (mistakes happen people). I took the pattern from


I also sewed my first two commissioned skirts. Gibson Pearl came with me to buy some fabric for the winter student showcase, and she fell in love with some, so she bought it and I made her two skirts from it. The teal fabric wasn’t too cooperative, I have to admit.



I bought lots of fabrics when we were in LA for the holidays that I can’t wait to try on aprons. And my good friend Aya brought GORGEOUS prints from Japan too, so I want to make some placemates and napkins for the house. I don’t think I can make aprons to sell with these because they are very special for me, so I want them not to leave me 😉

Yves Saint Laurent at the De Young

December 12, 2008


The De Young Museum is presenting a retrospective on fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent, organized by FAMSF and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent.

The exhibition explores the designs that made Saint Laurent famous, and his inspirations from art, theatre, history, literature, and nature.; and mark the first major retrospective of Saint Lauren’s work in over 25 years.

We went two Sundays ago but I want to come back as soon as possible to spent more time admiring the almost 130 garments and sketches.

The garments are truly pieces of art, crafted and accessorized in beautiful ways, and inspired by artists, nature, and even countries.

You can see the RedCarpetSF’s coverage of the Yves Saint Laurent opening Gala by clicking here.












San Francisco is the only city of the entirely USA that has the honor of presenting the exhibition that will run until April 2009. I totally recommend you to go, now!!!

Chris Cornell + Timbaland at the Fillmore

November 6, 2008

Worst. Concert. Of the year.

I am speechless… so here is a review from the internet.

Oh! I almost forget: Chris Cornell owes us money.

Shoebox Studio Student Showcase

August 12, 2008
Last Friday, 08-08-08, I performed at the Shoebox Studio Student Showcase at the Garage Art Space. It was my first bellydance performance in a theater! I was really excited to have the opportunity to share the stage with some great Bay Area performers. We couldn’t use the flash during performances so most of the pictures are dark, sorry.
Natsumi Suzuki and Nanna Candelaria (click to enlarge)

The Bellydance Mafia (Shoebox Studio Troupe) and UNMATA

Damage Control Theater and the Funk Fusion class

We danced a routine called Platinum Digger, choreographed by our teacher Gibson Pearl. The music was a very rare and hard to find mix of an M.I.A. song by DJ Diplo, called China Girl (that sampled Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics). It is a powerful song, and our routine was too. Super fast! Gibson put together a wonderful routine for us.
I was a little nervous when I got there, but I relaxed by talking with the other dancers and watching them get ready for their performances. I was ready in no time! I realized my dreads are pretty and colorful by themselves, so I didn’t have to work on that. I wrapped them into buns on each side of my face, a resemblance of Princess Leah’s hair style from Star Wars ; ) It was pretty cute, even if I do say myself.

Our outfits turned out really nice too. We did our own shirts and printed a lotus on the back with a stencil and spray paint.

Me dancing

Gibson Pearl’s class

Michael and lots of my friends where there to show me their support. It was great to see them all. Dancing makes me happier and happier every time I perform. I can’t wait to start City College again this Fall.

Babasonicos in SF

June 30, 2008

Last Tuesday the great, Grammy Award winning band from Argentina, Babasonicos, played at the Elbo Room. The place is very small and it was a private and intimate show. The crowd was predominantly Latin. They had two local openers, Mucho Axe and May Fire. Mucho Axe is a latin jazz band that unfortunately we missed last night, but we saw them before at the Beach Chalet. We met the founders in San Rafael some time ago, and they are from Argentina too. The other band was pretty rocking, formed by a Chilean front vocal girl and Colombian drummer, and we liked them a lot. 


Babasonicos came to the tiny stage at about 11:30 pm. They opened with Rabioso, from their latest album Mucho followed by Pendejo – strong songs that set the energy for both the band and the crowd that continued to the end of the concert, about an hour later.


Nobody can deny lead singer Adrian Dargelos’ charisma and sex appeal on stage, even though he is not the most handsome guy. He has a unique dancing style and he used the stage to interact with the first row of people, letting them touch him and flirting with the excited ladies. The band had lots of energy even in the slower songs. The other member that had impressive moves was Diego Rodriguez, the first guitarist. He sang Microdancing, my favorite song from Mucho, and showed some fun moves. You could say their movements are quirky, but it is all about feeling the music and having fun. And you could see that the band was totally having fun during all the songs. Although they didn’t talk much with the crowd, the connection between the band and the crowd was there. Nobody cared about their lack of talking because they delivered song after song of a solid performance.  


The place sold out, and we have to praise the organizers for not packing too many people into the small room. Babasonico’s rhythms go from country to rock, from electronica to pop. Since they surfaced in the 90’s from the independent underground, their mix of styles made their own style unique. Their lyrics are interesting as well, playing with contrast and jumping from heartbreaking subjects to the flirt of Argentine slang metaphors. This concert is one of the top 5 shows of this year. They didn’t top The Raconteurs, but they are right there.


 You can check the band’s site by clicking here.


 YouTube has some good footage, and some not so good. This is one of my favorites


Set list of songs

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