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Socialbliss Fashion Discovery: Khari by KahriAnne Kerr

March 24, 2013

Have you check out Socialbliss yet? If you are not sure what I am talking about, I wrote about it here. It is so much fun! And addictive too.

Thanks to the site, I fell in love with (new to me) designer KahriAnne Kerr and her brand Kahri. Her clothes are absolutely amazing!

Photo Credit:

Unexpected, hip, funky, all the pieces are made in NYC, worn by celebrities and performers, and sold all over the world. Her motto: Be rebellious! And her clothes are just that.

The silhouettes are different, unique, and the unconventional combinations of different textiles create interesting textures. She mixes leather with wool, sequins, silk lame, organza, with feathers, lace and fringes. You name it.

Her Spring 2013 collection has it all: a bit of romance (floral prints and lace), a bit of toughness (leathers, spikes and brass zippers), a bit of avant-garde. But above all, a lot of rock ‘n roll. It is sweet but tough at the same time. I can’t get enough of her designs!

When I grow up I want to be like her 😉 Or win the lottery and buy all her line!

I hope you enjoyed her collection as much as I did. Don’t you think she is amazing?

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Sewing Sounds

July 21, 2011

I just posted about this in Mother Crafter, but I also wanted to share it here.

I stumbled upon this on the Sounds.Butter website.

As stated in the description: “The intention for this project was to make sound visible. As there is already a variety of ways in which sounds can be seen (equalizers, sub-titles, etc.), my aim was to produce a device where that representation of sound would be a physical one. I therefore used the sewing machine as the basis for the project as I feel it is synonymous with industry, and making physical products.”

How amazing would it be to create garments with the sounds of your favorite tunes and poems? Or the recorded message of a love one?

This is not a real product yet, but I’d totally want one if it was! Way too cool, don’t you think?

Mother Crafter, handcrafted happiness – My new blog!

June 4, 2011

I know I’ve been absent and not posting here much. You might be wondering where I’ve been all this time! I am ok. We are ok. I just was busy developing my new blog, Mother Crafter!

I created Mother Crafter to share tutorials, stimulus, fun giveaways, freebies, and information about living a design-conscious life on a low budget. And to keep me sane while staying at home. Ha!

Mother Crafter is about making stuff with our hands that makes us happy. It is about reusing and salvaging things as much as we can to make good for the planet. Mother Crafter believes you can boost happiness trough creativity.

Please go and check it out. I hope you will find creative ways to enhance your lifestyle and feel inspired by it. Enjoy!

Spring 2011 Trends: Maxi Skirts

April 1, 2011
lee esta entrada en Español: mucho más hip que hippie

Maxi skirts are in style this season. These skirts, long to the ankles, have a bohemian and casual look, but depending on the accessories you choose, you can change the vibe.

They are also a good addition to your closet, because if next season they are no longer in style or you’re tired of them, you can shorten and transform them. And they are ideal for those days when you have no time to shave your legs! (And yes, sometimes it happens, why deny it)

A good option is this tribal print four-tiered skirt from Piperlime.

Blu Moon Almost Famous ~ $158

Paired with a simple tank top, sandals and wooden accessories, this outfit is ideal for a relaxing weekend.

Maxi Weekend

Another good option is this one with an animal print (IN this season too) from House of Fraser.

CC Animal Print ~ £80.00

For a more “serious” look, match it with a classic top in a muted or earth color, wedge sandals and accessories with gold accents. This outfit is appropriate for the office.

Maxi Office

Lastly, for a super fun and colorful look, choose something like this skirt from Van Mildert.

Lamie Panacotta ~ £52.00

Put it together with a vibrant top (choose one of the colors of the skirt) and playful accessories (like the belt or the fedora) to create a fresh and unexpected outfit.

Maxi Fun

How would you use this trend?

All sets created in Polyvore
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Spring 2011 Trends: Blooming All Year Round

March 16, 2011
lee esta entrada en Español:

Floral prints are one of the trends this Spring Season. You will see them in different colors and sizes, and in shirts, dresses and skirts.

Floral prints are often associated with a romantic fashion personality. Even if you are not the romantic type, you can still incorporate this trend into your wardrobe by choosing the perfect accessories to create outfits that reflect your personality. They can be flirty, yes, but they can also be dramatic and edgy.

I chose this multi-flower print dress from Dorothy Perkins to show you how simple is to transform this item and get your spring on. And your summer and autumn too. Okay, your winter too.

Multi-flower print dress - Dorothy Perkins

The various colors in this dress makes it very easy and fun to coordinate; you can create a bold and dramatic statement choosing the red, for example, or a more coquette and glamorous look choosing other ones.

Glamorous Spring

Flirty Summer

Intensive Fall

Winter Blues

How would you use this dress?

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Holiday Gift Guide – Knit 1, purl 2…

December 19, 2010

Winter. Rain. Snow. Cold. Time to knit!

Here are some picks for knit lovers:

Peace Love Knitting T-Shirt ~ Cafe Press $32

Soldered Yarn Pendant ~ laceramiste $29

Needle Bangle Bracelet ~ sassafrascreations $9

Interweave Knits Magazine Subscription ~ $25

Handspun Art Yarn~ barbesaintjohn $23

Knitting Is Sexy Necklace ~ kitschandkaboodle $16.95

Son of Stich and Bitch ~ Debbie Stoller $10.85

Knitting needles Organizer Holder ~ knitterbag $39.99


Holiday Gift Guide ~ Singing in the rain…

December 7, 2010

Continuing with my gift guide, this post was inspired after the big rain yesterday. I love the rain! Not too fun when you are driving across the bridge, but definitely when you can enjoy it at home drinking hot cocoa or taking a nice bath.

So here it is, part II of the guide: RAIN!

Raindrops on Railways Umbrella ModCloth, $29.99

Hiding From the Rain Art Print ~ pipodoll, $18

Fresh, All Natural Hot Chocolate Sampler Lake Champlain Chocolates, $26.50

Rain Parade by Phylones ~ Aldea, $32

Blue and Green Vinyl Dog Raincoat tuggiemacqueen, $22

12 Days of Christmas Festive Baths and Merry Showers ~ Lush, 74.95

Go Fish Rain Boots ~ Plueys, $60

Happy Weather Keychain Set ~ HappyCosmos, $15

And now, if you excuse me, I am going to drink my hot cocoa while in the bath 🙂


Holiday Gift Guide ~ A little birdie told me…

December 2, 2010

December is already here! And with that, the craziness of Christmas shopping. But who has the time to look for the perfect gift for everyone? Don’t you worry! Now in my 37th week of pregnancy and nesting at home waiting for my little screamer to arrive, I do!

So I will be posting a holiday guide until December 20th to help you with all your shopping. My little Christmas prezzie is due December 21st, so if she/he decides to come early… no more guide.

I will feature mostly independent artist and stores and/or handmade items, and I will categorize them by theme.

Today is: BIRDS.  I have been obsessed with all things birds lately. In the shape of  birds, with birds on it, you name it… Here are my picks. Enjoy!

Holiday Black Bird - Felt Christmas Ornament lowellandson ~ $ 9.50

Recycled Wool Scarf minniearabella ~ $45

Song Bird Baby Mobile with Flowering Tree pinkperch ~ $ 88

Verdigris Enchanted Sparrow Ring enchantedlockets ~ $ 15

Bird Customizable Address Labels

notesbyredletter ~ $ 6.00

Paperclip Perch - modcloth ~ $ 11.99

Rule the Roost Wall Hook ~ $ 9.99

Walking Phoenix Dress ~ $ 47.99

Bright in Flight Lamp - $87.99

Messenger Bird Card Holder ~ $9.99

Which one are you going to buy? And for who?

Labor Day Weekend with the belly at the pool or beach

August 24, 2010

Labor Day Weekend is approaching! For some of us, it is just the beginning of our Indian Summer here in SF, for others will be one of the last warm weekends before fall starts.  No matter where you are, what better way to enjoy the holiday that to head to the beach or have a barbecue at the pool?

If you are pregnant (like me) and struggling to find the perfect swimsuit, don’t you worry! I got you covered. I surfed the internet and here are my faves:

For a retro vibe, this navy inspired swimsuit is a must. I love that the legs feature drawstrings, giving you flexibility as your belly grows.

Figleaves - $58

This halterneck tankini with its delicate print is for flirty spirits. The empire cut and tie-side bikini will let you adjust it for a perfect fit, not only during your pregnancy but also post-baby tummy. Also available in Fuchsia.

Due Maternity - $57.40

And if you are feeling glamorous, this metallic grey with ruched sides tankini is the one for you. Not only the color screams charm, but the pleated bust will also minimize your growing bust offering the best support for “the girls”.

A Pea in the Pod - $119.99

And now that you chose the one for you, here are how to put together the looks

retro babe

flirty belly

diva belly

What is your favorite maternity swimsuit style?

Pssst: Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Altered Mind 2

July 28, 2010

The belly is growing and growing! So, continuing with the inspiration I got from the New Dress a Day blog, and because of the need of new clothing I can actually fit in, I looked into the clothes in my “alterations drawer”  and I found this pair of pants that my neighbor did not want a while back and I kept because they are super punk. They are huge! But you know me and know that I do not throw anything even if at that time I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but something always ends up coming to my mind, sometimes in weeks, sometimes in years. It’s just a matter of time. And making more space in the closet 😉

rock 'n roll

Two of the reasons why I did not want to get rid of these pants is a) the plaid pattern is very rock ‘n roll, and b) the zipper detail. The zippers! What better idea that to take advantage of the zippers for my now ever growing belly! So I cut down the pants below the rise, ripped the side seams and joined them creating a skirt. And just as I sewed the dress with flowers, I added the top of a cami, creating two pleats in front and one in the back so that the belly will still have room to grow.

expandable dress

punky baby

What I like most about this dress is that after the pregnancy I will be able to close the zippers and continue using it.

zip up! zip down!

Actually, what I like most is that I’m having a maternity wardrobe mostly done by me 🙂 My Aunt Melissa from Chicago is sending me two boxes of clothes to alter. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

DIY pregnancy

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