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What I Wore Today: DIY High Low Skirt

March 8, 2013

DIY High Low Skirt

Tutorial here.

Mother Crafter, handcrafted happiness – My new blog!

June 4, 2011

I know I’ve been absent and not posting here much. You might be wondering where I’ve been all this time! I am ok. We are ok. I just was busy developing my new blog, Mother Crafter!

I created Mother Crafter to share tutorials, stimulus, fun giveaways, freebies, and information about living a design-conscious life on a low budget. And to keep me sane while staying at home. Ha!

Mother Crafter is about making stuff with our hands that makes us happy. It is about reusing and salvaging things as much as we can to make good for the planet. Mother Crafter believes you can boost happiness trough creativity.

Please go and check it out. I hope you will find creative ways to enhance your lifestyle and feel inspired by it. Enjoy!

Holiday Gift Guide ~ A little birdie told me…

December 2, 2010

December is already here! And with that, the craziness of Christmas shopping. But who has the time to look for the perfect gift for everyone? Don’t you worry! Now in my 37th week of pregnancy and nesting at home waiting for my little screamer to arrive, I do!

So I will be posting a holiday guide until December 20th to help you with all your shopping. My little Christmas prezzie is due December 21st, so if she/he decides to come early… no more guide.

I will feature mostly independent artist and stores and/or handmade items, and I will categorize them by theme.

Today is: BIRDS.  I have been obsessed with all things birds lately. In the shape of  birds, with birds on it, you name it… Here are my picks. Enjoy!

Holiday Black Bird - Felt Christmas Ornament lowellandson ~ $ 9.50

Recycled Wool Scarf minniearabella ~ $45

Song Bird Baby Mobile with Flowering Tree pinkperch ~ $ 88

Verdigris Enchanted Sparrow Ring enchantedlockets ~ $ 15

Bird Customizable Address Labels

notesbyredletter ~ $ 6.00

Paperclip Perch - modcloth ~ $ 11.99

Rule the Roost Wall Hook ~ $ 9.99

Walking Phoenix Dress ~ $ 47.99

Bright in Flight Lamp - $87.99

Messenger Bird Card Holder ~ $9.99

Which one are you going to buy? And for who?

Mom’s visit

October 27, 2008

I am back! September was a busy and crazy month! Plus I came back and Midterms were happening… phew! October is crazy as well…

My mom came to visit us for my birthday and stayed for the month of September. It was her first time in San Francisco, and she loved it.


We traveled a lot! We rented an RV and headed to Vegas. The first night we stopped at Midpines, just outside Yosemite Valley. The campground was really nice, with lots of trees and tranquility.





We spent the following day in Yosemite, and spent the second night in Lee Vining outside the park after a harrowing trip up and over Tioga Pass (Our RV was a Tioga!)

The next day we went to Mono Lake. Mono Lake is an oasis in the dry Great Basin and a vital habitat for millions of migratory and nesting birds. We saw incredible tufa towers.






We headed to Las Vegas thru Death Valley. It took us longer than expected and the altitude didn’t suit my mom, but we survived! We stayed at the campground in Circus Circus right on the Strip. We thought it was going to be crazy, but it ended up being really nice considering being in the middle of everything. We decided to stay there for 3 nights, and not to go to the Grand Canyon because we had enough of driving.





Then we went to Los Angeles to spend time with Michael’s parents. We had a really nice visit and my mom really enjoyed it too.




That is for now, I will post New York soon. Thanks for reading!

Bob the Super Cat

July 23, 2008

Two weeks ago we finally brought our adopted kitty home. He is two months old, and lots of fun. 

I was a little worried at first, thinking how Juancho, who is THE PET in the house, will react to the new addition. It is a different situation than when we moved in with Michael three years ago, since Punkin was 18 years old and she didn’t care about her new roommate. We still miss her.

At first we couldn’t have them in the same room. Bob was totally freaked out at that big furry thing running around the house, a.k.a. a dog. And Juancho was too curious about his new friend to leave him alone. But after two days, they are almost best friends. I am so proud of my boy, he is the best dog ever – so smart and loving and well behaved. He is a sweetie. 

They are pretty good together, although both of them like to eat each other’s food and water. They can be nose to nose and butt to butt, and Juancho has resigned to share his water bowl with his little brother.  



Bob is simple. He doesn’t care about fancy toys, luckily for us. He loves groceries bags; he will play inside them and come running out. His favorite toy is a string with a fake mouse attached at the end. Michael walks around the house with the string coming out of his pocket, and Bob will follow him everywhere.

We are not sure why, but sometimes he thinks he is a monkey or a bird. He will climb on our backs and sit on our shoulder while we are at the computer or at the tv, and hang out there. Pretty funny.


He shares the Scrabble obsession with me.



He is also a squeaker. Sometimes he has this guttural sound coming out of his little mouth that we don’t know what on earth it is. And he is a morning guy, which doesn’t go well with me. He squeaks all morning from the moment he wakes up.  


I knitted a bed for him with yarn scraps that I had on my bag of leftovers. I followed a pattern from the Stitch ‘n Bitch first book. I am pretty bad following directions so I kind of went in my own direction. I also sewed a piece of fabric on the bottom to protect it a little more, this wasn’t in the pattern either. It turned out pretty funky, but I really like it. Juancho tried too, but it was too small for him.







Chicago Part 1

June 17, 2008

We went to Chicago last weekend. As most of you know, Chicago is where Michael and I reconnected after meeting in Barcelona in 1999, and where we got married. And where I lived for almost 6 years. So it is a pretty special city for me.


It was really humid and hot, and they even had tornado alerts! Crazy! But luckily nothing happened in the city, although some cities were flooded up north. It was a busy weekend in the windy city, as usual in the summer. The blues fest, the rib fest, the 57 street art fair, Neocon… phew! A lot!


We stayed at the house of Michael’s aunt and uncle in Hyde Park, in the south part of the city. Michael’s mom, who lives in Louisville  was there too, in part to visit with us and in part to go to the 57th street art fair. Melissa and Bruce’s house is beautiful. You can walk room to room and find all these spectacular art in the walls, shelves and windows. They have quite a collection of crafts from around the world that makes the house feel like a museum. A constant stimulus to the eyes and mind. They inherited some of the crafts as well, and they will tell you all the family history that lives around the piece of art.

They are great cooks too. We had Israeli Couscous and Bulgur pilaf. Yummy!


Here are some pics of the art around the house. From quilts to headpieces, to a collection of eggs to beautiful Mexican art. Enjoy… is a free entrance to a museum ; )




Michael’s mom, Mitzi, is a talented knitter. She has developed an addiction to socks at the moment, but she brought me a hand-knit purse that I can’t wait to use.



She also gave me bellydance bells I will wear for sure on the performance tomorrow. OMG! Tomorrow! I better go and finish my costume dress now ; )



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