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Labor Day Weekend with the belly at the pool or beach

August 24, 2010

Labor Day Weekend is approaching! For some of us, it is just the beginning of our Indian Summer here in SF, for others will be one of the last warm weekends before fall starts.  No matter where you are, what better way to enjoy the holiday that to head to the beach or have a barbecue at the pool?

If you are pregnant (like me) and struggling to find the perfect swimsuit, don’t you worry! I got you covered. I surfed the internet and here are my faves:

For a retro vibe, this navy inspired swimsuit is a must. I love that the legs feature drawstrings, giving you flexibility as your belly grows.

Figleaves - $58

This halterneck tankini with its delicate print is for flirty spirits. The empire cut and tie-side bikini will let you adjust it for a perfect fit, not only during your pregnancy but also post-baby tummy. Also available in Fuchsia.

Due Maternity - $57.40

And if you are feeling glamorous, this metallic grey with ruched sides tankini is the one for you. Not only the color screams charm, but the pleated bust will also minimize your growing bust offering the best support for “the girls”.

A Pea in the Pod - $119.99

And now that you chose the one for you, here are how to put together the looks

retro babe

flirty belly

diva belly

What is your favorite maternity swimsuit style?

Pssst: Don’t forget your sunscreen!


Altered Mind 2

July 28, 2010

The belly is growing and growing! So, continuing with the inspiration I got from the New Dress a Day blog, and because of the need of new clothing I can actually fit in, I looked into the clothes in my “alterations drawer”  and I found this pair of pants that my neighbor did not want a while back and I kept because they are super punk. They are huge! But you know me and know that I do not throw anything even if at that time I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but something always ends up coming to my mind, sometimes in weeks, sometimes in years. It’s just a matter of time. And making more space in the closet 😉

rock 'n roll

Two of the reasons why I did not want to get rid of these pants is a) the plaid pattern is very rock ‘n roll, and b) the zipper detail. The zippers! What better idea that to take advantage of the zippers for my now ever growing belly! So I cut down the pants below the rise, ripped the side seams and joined them creating a skirt. And just as I sewed the dress with flowers, I added the top of a cami, creating two pleats in front and one in the back so that the belly will still have room to grow.

expandable dress

punky baby

What I like most about this dress is that after the pregnancy I will be able to close the zippers and continue using it.

zip up! zip down!

Actually, what I like most is that I’m having a maternity wardrobe mostly done by me 🙂 My Aunt Melissa from Chicago is sending me two boxes of clothes to alter. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

DIY pregnancy

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