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Oscars 2013 Red Carpet: Best And Worst Dressed

February 26, 2013

From a disastrous Brandi Glanville to a gorgeous Naomi Watts, here are the best and worst dressed in my humble, but also strong and loud, opinion.

My favorite of the night was Naomi Watts wearing Armani Privé. Asymmetrical necklines are tricky sometimes to get both breasts to look balanced (Halle Berry at the Golden Gloves anyone?) but she just look AMAZING.

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji was another favorite of mine. The dress is romantic and classic, and she looks gorgeous!

Resee Whiterspoon and Louis Vuitton. Ugh! The black panels make her hips look bigger than they are. Her hair looks beautiful though.

Jessica Lawrence. She will probably be the best dressed. Her Dior Haute Couture is pretty, but doesn’t do anything else for me.

Jessica Castain in Giorgio Armani. She is also head to head with Jennifer Lawrence for best dressed. You can tell her gown was custom-made, it fits her perfectly. Take note, Anne Hathaway people!

Zoe Saldana. This Alexis Mable Couture have so many things going on: the ombre layers, the belt, the embellishments… too much!

Oh Jennifer Gardner… The color of her Gucci dress is rich and beautiful but the straight cut make her look like an spaghetti, and from the back it looks like you pooped ruffles. Sorry!

jennifer garner

Brandi Glanville wearing a dress she designed herself. I do not know who she is but after this, I do not need to know!

Halle Berry in Versace, Stacy Keibler wearing Naeem Khan and Amanda Seyfried by Alexander McQueen looked all beautiful.

Kuddos to Rachel Mwanza! Yes, the bottom of dress could have been better (without ruffles perhaps?) but she kept it true to her culture and I think that is very cool.

And of course, I couldn’t finish this post and no mention Anne Hathaway. Her nipples joined Twitter last night! Enough said…

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Emmy Awards Trend: Yellow

September 27, 2012
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Yellow was everywhere at the Emmy Awards on Sunday. Wasn’t it cool? Yellow is very difficult to wear, I know, but seeing it in the red carpet was totally unexpected and very refreshing.

I particularly loved Julianne Moore’s dress. Everybody is hating it, but I think it is awesome.


Not a fan of Claire Danes’ choice here. It is just too boring, too safe, too blah for me. There is plenty of red carpet worthy maternity dresses out there, so no excuses…


More yellow…


Yellow everywhere!


If you want to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe, you can choose one pair of tinted jeans…

Or a cool biker jacket…

But you can also just have an accessory in that color. Why not painting your nails?Do you have any yellow in your wardrobe? I have one shirt, only one!

VMA’s Fashion

September 20, 2010

It is hard to talk about fashion when the red carpet is inundated with artists eager to express themselves on it. The VMAs are diferent than the Oscars or the Emmys.

The people that walk this red carpet are people that exude creativity, not only when they are onstage or filming a video, but also in their daily life. And what better example of this than Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Will.I.Am. To criticize the fashion on this red carpet is like criticizing art, it is something so personal that goes beyond all the rules of etiquette. It is necessary to look at these dresses in a much more objective and relaxed way, putting aside your own personal tastes or prejudices.

At any rate (and with the above disclaimer) and because this blog is about fashion and styling, I cannot resist sharing my opinion as a fashion stylist.

If you have read my blog before, you know I adore Lady Gaga, but last night I went from loving to hating her for a couple of hours, and back to loving her again. As a compassionate vegetarian and animal rights defender, the raw meat dress she wore was ridiculous and very outrageous. I would like to know what kind of statement is behind that dress, what is she really trying to express with it, because I do not understand it… very controversial, like always, but I think this time she crossed the line just to be in a couple more magazines. Still, the Alexander McQueen that she wore in the red carpet was spectacular… That really is wearable art! And who else than Gaga to wear it in all its splendor.

Another dress I liked was the one that Katie Perry wore. The tattoo-like detail of the torso is pretty cool and original. I didn’t like her shoes or the manicure with her boyfriend’s face on it, but hey! Girls just want to have fun!

Others who looked very beautiful were Rosario Dawson – very simple and fresh; Selena Gomez with a metallic dress with stone detail at the bust; and Naturi Naughton with a youthful and unpretentious look.

And that is all. At least the ones I liked.

The ones I didn’t like were a lot. A LOT. Let’s start with Kei$ha – that dress is from the Runway Project episode where the designers needed to create a dress from a Party Supply store. And her hair extensions reminded me the ones that the Na’vis from Avatar had…

Ashley Greene seemed to sport a restaurant tablecloth rolled and knotted at the waist.

Bonnie McKee and her super-mini dress, more like a swimsuit from the 50’s than a dress. I wonder if she was able to sit the entire night without flashing everybody.

Gabi Gregg was so excited about the new American Football season by looking like she was ready to join a team with her huge shoulder pads.

Holy cow Batman! What was Robyn wearing? I’m not sure, but she would have to join Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj to form the dynamic trio!

What about you? Did you like this red carpet?

Emmy’s 2010 Fashion

September 3, 2010

This year the Emmy’s fashion was all about strapless gowns and ruffles.

I was very happy to see so much color (especially purple) along with original details and accessories.

One of my favorites was Christina Hendricks… I have to admit I have a crush on her. She is so HOT!  Too bad a lot of designers will not loan her a dress because she is not a size 2. Shame on them!


Another one of my favorites was Kira Sedgwick (she won! YAY!). The color of her dress and her wavy hair were perfect on her. She was beautiful, although I think the purse should have been in a different color to contrast less with her dress.


And yes, Claire Dane, Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian were gorgeous too, but everybody is talking about them so I will not.

Sofia Vergara was stunning too, but I am not sure about the vertical line dividing her in half…

Split personality

Some of the accessories and details of the dresses were nice too.

Cut out side detail and beautiful back

Bosworth and Blunt rings

Anna Paquin’s  Alexander McQueen dress was pretty cool too, but I didn’t agree with the shoes she chose… too heavy for me, especially when the dress already gave that sensation.

Wrong shoes

The most original and modern dress of the night was the one January Jones wore… the color, the asymmetrical hem and the details on the torso were fabulous!!!

Want. It.

More originals.

Tina Fey and Toni Collete

Rutina Wesley and Kaycee Stroh

The WTF?! section:  I am speechless about this one…

Rita Wilson... WTF?!

Unfortunately, there were more… like Ty Burrel and his wife who thought they were going to a school year themed reunion…

Prom night, anyone?

Carrie Preston and Lily Tomlin… boring colors and bad, bad styling.


Lauren Graham and Lauren Sanchez. The cut out detail of Sanchez’s dress in addition with her too-much-botox lips remind me of a bad XXX sex movie.

Really? I mean, really?

Really? I mean, really?

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