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Thrifting and a little shopping in Chicago!

March 30, 2010

I was in Chicago recently for the wedding of two of my best friends. I had wanted to visit my old home city for a while so I was really excited to learn about the last minute wedding. I love Chicago and all my friends that live there. And I really, really love the thrift stores too. I didn’t have enough time to go to all of them, since my trip was super short, but I did squeeze some time to go to my favorite ones.

My favorite of all times is the Village Discount Outlet, where I found amazing clothes in the past for less than $2. Yes! Two dollars! Most of their clothes are in the $.70 cents through $13 range for the better/new/designer pieces. And everyday they have 50% discount sales for specific color tags. I was very lucky because that weekend they were having a super sale of half price trough the entire store! So everything was discounted. Thank you St Patrick!

They have several stores around the city, so the first day I stopped at the biggest one in town, on Kedzie Ave. To my friends and Michael disbelief, I left that store with my hands empty. And VERY disappointed. But, I didn’t let this frustrating shopping experience deter me. The next day I went to the Lawrence location.

I left the store very happy, with a *new* Proenza Schouler for Target dress originally for $12.80, that I paid only $6.40 for, and a wonderful fully lined, almost new condition, and very colorful dress that was $8.80, for only $4.40! Plus two books, Angels and Demons, and Clip Art with two Cds, for $.25 each.

That same day I also went to Belmont Street. That neighborhood reminds me a little of  Haight Street here in SF, with super cool shops and interesting people.

My first stop was at the newly renovated Belmont Army. OMG! It is a huge renovated store with four floors of everything, from army surplus (2nd floor) to unique and not-your-grandma shoes (3rd floor) to vintage (4th floor).

I didn’t have enough time to dig into everything but I bought these cool knee high socks from Sock it to me for $7 at the 4th floor. The girl working there was super nice too.

A couple of doors down the street I entered Beyond The Wall. I was looking for birthday gifts for my good friends Mariano (the groom) and Cour, and something for my husband Michael. They have very cool and funny things. I bought a Kabuki Bottle opener, Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray and two Bottle Bunny Wall Mount bottle openers (the cutest thing ever).

My last stop was at Something Old, Something New. I literally run through the store looking at everything very quickly because Cecilia was about to pick me up. I didn’t buy anything (again, no time) but the shoes were pretty cool.

I had a wonderful time in the Windy City, even the weather cooperated! Can’t wait to visit again.

What are some of your favorite thrift and gift stores in your town?

Mom’s visit

October 27, 2008

I am back! September was a busy and crazy month! Plus I came back and Midterms were happening… phew! October is crazy as well…

My mom came to visit us for my birthday and stayed for the month of September. It was her first time in San Francisco, and she loved it.


We traveled a lot! We rented an RV and headed to Vegas. The first night we stopped at Midpines, just outside Yosemite Valley. The campground was really nice, with lots of trees and tranquility.





We spent the following day in Yosemite, and spent the second night in Lee Vining outside the park after a harrowing trip up and over Tioga Pass (Our RV was a Tioga!)

The next day we went to Mono Lake. Mono Lake is an oasis in the dry Great Basin and a vital habitat for millions of migratory and nesting birds. We saw incredible tufa towers.






We headed to Las Vegas thru Death Valley. It took us longer than expected and the altitude didn’t suit my mom, but we survived! We stayed at the campground in Circus Circus right on the Strip. We thought it was going to be crazy, but it ended up being really nice considering being in the middle of everything. We decided to stay there for 3 nights, and not to go to the Grand Canyon because we had enough of driving.





Then we went to Los Angeles to spend time with Michael’s parents. We had a really nice visit and my mom really enjoyed it too.




That is for now, I will post New York soon. Thanks for reading!

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