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Coachella Style

April 12, 2013
coachella by vaninadocemood 

What I Wore Today: DIY High Low Skirt

March 8, 2013

DIY High Low Skirt

Tutorial here.

Shoe Makeover {Tutorial}

October 14, 2011

I just post a tutorial about painting canvas shoes at Mother Crafter.

Check it out!

2010 Oscar’s Fashion

March 9, 2010

What a night! For us fashionistas, the Oscars red carpet is the most anticipated event of all. And this one in particular, did not disappoint.

Blue and pink in all their shades were the stars of the night. Of course, crystal and gemstone embroidered dresses were present, and showcased the glamour of Hollywood in all its sparkle.

Gabourey-Sidibe, Mo’Nique, Mariah Carey and Elizabeth Banks chose to wear solid blue with gemstone details, while Maggie Ghillenhaal and Rachel McAdams wore blue with subtle floral patterns.

Queen Latifah, Vera Farmiga, Demi Moore, and Anna Kendrick gleamed in pink shades, from pale pink, to a peachy shade, to hot pink or fuchsia.

Embroidered dresses and shiny stones shown on Sandra Bullock (the best dressed of the night in my opinion), Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez (her dress was full of Swarovski crystals) and Carey Mulligan.

Finally,honorable mention goes to Penelope Cruz (so in love with Javier, yay!) and Meryl Streep wearing a design of my favorite Chris March, because they never disappoint with their beauty and elegance. And also to Zoe Zaldaña and Diane Kruger for daring to be original and not caring whether you like it or not.

Milonga Hip – Fashion Style for the hip tangueros

December 9, 2009

Here are some images from a fashion photo-shoot I styled a couple of weeks ago. My inspiration was tango, and I wanted to be avant-garde and hip.

We went to the Sunday Milonga at Cafe Cocomo here in San Francisco. My friends and dancers Melissa and Milan were the models and Tom Noshitsky was the photographer.

I pulled clothes from my and Melissa’s closets, from H&M, Bebe and Forever 21. The jewelry is from my good friend  Barbe Saint John Saints and Sinners, and the hair accesories and pins are from Mother Plucker, that my friend Cata of the store Life San Francisco let me borrow. I also went to Multikulti, and bought red sateen gloves and bicolor fishnet.

I am really happy and proud of how it came out!

Hello world!

April 2, 2008

Hola! Here I am… finally. I am so excited I am starting this blog!

This blog will be my way of sharing. A form of inspiration, comunication and information. A form of keeping in touch, creating, discovering or just having fun.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!


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