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Chicago Part 1

June 17, 2008

We went to Chicago last weekend. As most of you know, Chicago is where Michael and I reconnected after meeting in Barcelona in 1999, and where we got married. And where I lived for almost 6 years. So it is a pretty special city for me.


It was really humid and hot, and they even had tornado alerts! Crazy! But luckily nothing happened in the city, although some cities were flooded up north. It was a busy weekend in the windy city, as usual in the summer. The blues fest, the rib fest, the 57 street art fair, Neocon… phew! A lot!


We stayed at the house of Michael’s aunt and uncle in Hyde Park, in the south part of the city. Michael’s mom, who lives in Louisville  was there too, in part to visit with us and in part to go to the 57th street art fair. Melissa and Bruce’s house is beautiful. You can walk room to room and find all these spectacular art in the walls, shelves and windows. They have quite a collection of crafts from around the world that makes the house feel like a museum. A constant stimulus to the eyes and mind. They inherited some of the crafts as well, and they will tell you all the family history that lives around the piece of art.

They are great cooks too. We had Israeli Couscous and Bulgur pilaf. Yummy!


Here are some pics of the art around the house. From quilts to headpieces, to a collection of eggs to beautiful Mexican art. Enjoy… is a free entrance to a museum ; )




Michael’s mom, Mitzi, is a talented knitter. She has developed an addiction to socks at the moment, but she brought me a hand-knit purse that I can’t wait to use.



She also gave me bellydance bells I will wear for sure on the performance tomorrow. OMG! Tomorrow! I better go and finish my costume dress now ; )



Hello world!

April 2, 2008

Hola! Here I am… finally. I am so excited I am starting this blog!

This blog will be my way of sharing. A form of inspiration, comunication and information. A form of keeping in touch, creating, discovering or just having fun.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!


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