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Thrifting and a little shopping in Chicago!

March 30, 2010

I was in Chicago recently for the wedding of two of my best friends. I had wanted to visit my old home city for a while so I was really excited to learn about the last minute wedding. I love Chicago and all my friends that live there. And I really, really love the thrift stores too. I didn’t have enough time to go to all of them, since my trip was super short, but I did squeeze some time to go to my favorite ones.

My favorite of all times is the Village Discount Outlet, where I found amazing clothes in the past for less than $2. Yes! Two dollars! Most of their clothes are in the $.70 cents through $13 range for the better/new/designer pieces. And everyday they have 50% discount sales for specific color tags. I was very lucky because that weekend they were having a super sale of half price trough the entire store! So everything was discounted. Thank you St Patrick!

They have several stores around the city, so the first day I stopped at the biggest one in town, on Kedzie Ave. To my friends and Michael disbelief, I left that store with my hands empty. And VERY disappointed. But, I didn’t let this frustrating shopping experience deter me. The next day I went to the Lawrence location.

I left the store very happy, with a *new* Proenza Schouler for Target dress originally for $12.80, that I paid only $6.40 for, and a wonderful fully lined, almost new condition, and very colorful dress that was $8.80, for only $4.40! Plus two books, Angels and Demons, and Clip Art with two Cds, for $.25 each.

That same day I also went to Belmont Street. That neighborhood reminds me a little of  Haight Street here in SF, with super cool shops and interesting people.

My first stop was at the newly renovated Belmont Army. OMG! It is a huge renovated store with four floors of everything, from army surplus (2nd floor) to unique and not-your-grandma shoes (3rd floor) to vintage (4th floor).

I didn’t have enough time to dig into everything but I bought these cool knee high socks from Sock it to me for $7 at the 4th floor. The girl working there was super nice too.

A couple of doors down the street I entered Beyond The Wall. I was looking for birthday gifts for my good friends Mariano (the groom) and Cour, and something for my husband Michael. They have very cool and funny things. I bought a Kabuki Bottle opener, Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray and two Bottle Bunny Wall Mount bottle openers (the cutest thing ever).

My last stop was at Something Old, Something New. I literally run through the store looking at everything very quickly because Cecilia was about to pick me up. I didn’t buy anything (again, no time) but the shoes were pretty cool.

I had a wonderful time in the Windy City, even the weather cooperated! Can’t wait to visit again.

What are some of your favorite thrift and gift stores in your town?

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