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Holiday Gift Guide – Knit 1, purl 2…

December 19, 2010

Winter. Rain. Snow. Cold. Time to knit!

Here are some picks for knit lovers:

Peace Love Knitting T-Shirt ~ Cafe Press $32

Soldered Yarn Pendant ~ laceramiste $29

Needle Bangle Bracelet ~ sassafrascreations $9

Interweave Knits Magazine Subscription ~ $25

Handspun Art Yarn~ barbesaintjohn $23

Knitting Is Sexy Necklace ~ kitschandkaboodle $16.95

Son of Stich and Bitch ~ Debbie Stoller $10.85

Knitting needles Organizer Holder ~ knitterbag $39.99



I did it!

February 8, 2009

Uff! January 2009 is already gone. After the frenzy of the holidays, the happiness of watching inauguration day and the beautiful weather in SF, I am ready to blog again.

I don’t have too many resolutions for this year, I don’t usually do. But this year I want to document all the stuff I am creating. I am going to make a visual book of my crafts, sewings, designs, knitting, and so on. It’s going to be call I DID IT!, (as suggested by the Craftstylish notebook).


I did a lot since the year started, though. I started my new surface design class, and returned to dancing Afro-Haitian, Tango and Bellydance. I also started a new Yoga class… and I’ve been crafting too.!


My friend Andrea works for “Lesser Evil”, an all natural popcorn company in NYC (link). I helped her make bags out of their packaging so she can give them to customers and corporations in trade shows. They turned out to take a lot more time than we expected, but they turned out pretty cool. She was super happy, and me too! J She gave me a bottle of nice wine and a big box of COAL popcorn (chocolate covered) that is so good that I already ate half of it.



I also did a wall piece for my design class with the different fabrics that we dyed in class. The assignment was to make a piece inspired by nature and the environment, so I did a yin yang piece with a background that shows the colors of the sky to the ground and the lava underneath.

front wall piece

back wall piece

I also finally finished what I began two years ago in 2007 over the holidays. It never felt so cold in sf that I would be able to use it, that is why it was on the closet waiting to be assembled, but December was pretty cold. Everybody liked it, and nobody noticed that there are more bubbles on the right sleeve than on the left (mistakes happen people). I took the pattern from


I also sewed my first two commissioned skirts. Gibson Pearl came with me to buy some fabric for the winter student showcase, and she fell in love with some, so she bought it and I made her two skirts from it. The teal fabric wasn’t too cooperative, I have to admit.



I bought lots of fabrics when we were in LA for the holidays that I can’t wait to try on aprons. And my good friend Aya brought GORGEOUS prints from Japan too, so I want to make some placemates and napkins for the house. I don’t think I can make aprons to sell with these because they are very special for me, so I want them not to leave me 😉

Bob the Super Cat

July 23, 2008

Two weeks ago we finally brought our adopted kitty home. He is two months old, and lots of fun. 

I was a little worried at first, thinking how Juancho, who is THE PET in the house, will react to the new addition. It is a different situation than when we moved in with Michael three years ago, since Punkin was 18 years old and she didn’t care about her new roommate. We still miss her.

At first we couldn’t have them in the same room. Bob was totally freaked out at that big furry thing running around the house, a.k.a. a dog. And Juancho was too curious about his new friend to leave him alone. But after two days, they are almost best friends. I am so proud of my boy, he is the best dog ever – so smart and loving and well behaved. He is a sweetie. 

They are pretty good together, although both of them like to eat each other’s food and water. They can be nose to nose and butt to butt, and Juancho has resigned to share his water bowl with his little brother.  



Bob is simple. He doesn’t care about fancy toys, luckily for us. He loves groceries bags; he will play inside them and come running out. His favorite toy is a string with a fake mouse attached at the end. Michael walks around the house with the string coming out of his pocket, and Bob will follow him everywhere.

We are not sure why, but sometimes he thinks he is a monkey or a bird. He will climb on our backs and sit on our shoulder while we are at the computer or at the tv, and hang out there. Pretty funny.


He shares the Scrabble obsession with me.



He is also a squeaker. Sometimes he has this guttural sound coming out of his little mouth that we don’t know what on earth it is. And he is a morning guy, which doesn’t go well with me. He squeaks all morning from the moment he wakes up.  


I knitted a bed for him with yarn scraps that I had on my bag of leftovers. I followed a pattern from the Stitch ‘n Bitch first book. I am pretty bad following directions so I kind of went in my own direction. I also sewed a piece of fabric on the bottom to protect it a little more, this wasn’t in the pattern either. It turned out pretty funky, but I really like it. Juancho tried too, but it was too small for him.







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