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Altered Mind

July 7, 2010

Inspired by the blog New Dress a Day, in which Marisa creates a new garment from clothes she finds at flea markets or thrift stores for only $ 1, I decided to alter a dress that I bought many years ago at the Village Discount Outlet when I lived in Chicago. I never wore it in public because I look like a monster on it.  Still, I never had the courage to donate it, because I swore I would make something out of it some day.

the monster! ugh...

And that day came! Yesterday, inspired by all of Marisa’s entries in her blog, I grabbed my scissors and started to cut and create something new.

of course, Bob always "helping"

I found a shirt that was relegated to the bottom of the drawer for being too short on me and cut it below the bust. I also cut the dress below the waist, and with the help of the serger, I joined the two pieces together.


new life!

Thanks Marisa! And please do not forget to check her blog.


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